OFP Timber Framed Homes and local sport


OFP Timber Framed Homes and local sport
OFP Timber Framed Homes is more than purely a timber frame company. A number of us are keen members of local sports clubs and we can’t help but bring that passion in to the office with us. For the past year we have been supporting three local sports teams. As we are interested in promoting local community, and sports, we thought we’d bring you an update on how things are going.
Our three teams that we actively support are Canterbury Football Club, Cliftonville Hockey Club and a local boxer Ross Aylett of Margate ABC.
Canterbury FC is currently based in Herne Bay but is very close to developing its own community focused football ground. CFC are firmly establishing themselves in the Kent Hurlimann Premier Division after being recently promoted. The local club have a huge ambition and determination to grow and develop as a footballing side, and as a hub of the community. You can keep on top of their match reports here.
Cliftonville Hockey Club has a rich a detailed history and are a local power house of field hockey. The Men’s First XI currently sits atop of the Kent Area Division 1. The club have 4 men’s teams and 3 ladies’ teams. Currently they are pushing a Youth Development scheme. They have a vibrant social scene that involves the juniors through to the veterans on a yearly schedule of events. In their words; “It is our intention to go out into the community to promote hockey and give the opportunity to anyone who wishes to try the sport. There are many clubs being forced to merge to survive or simply folding elsewhere in the country. We are determined to not let this happen to Cliftonville.” With the support and help of OFP Timber Framed Homes, Cliftonville are able to achieve their vision and to develop the local community, without compromising their core values.
Finally, Ross is a young and upcoming local boxer with a promising future. He has shown grit and determination throughout his career and, from what we have seen, he has the potential to go the distance. Ross is regularly in regional competitions fighting on behalf of his Margate based gym. OFP have enjoyed helping Ross with equipment and support over the past year. As a result of our help, Ross has been able to focus on training and development and will mature in to a local inspiration and sporting leader.
We, as a company, are very pleased with the teams and individuals we have engaged with. Local community is such an important issue to us, and to be able to see tangible benefits from what support we are able to give is so rewarding. In such a competitive climate it is great to see how much difference our support can make to these local groups and how they much will benefit the local community.

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