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In one of OFP’s largest, most complex and innovative projects to date, we were charged with the design, manufacture and construction of the timber frame structure of Maddiston primary School, Falkirk. From the outset our client, Grahams PLC, placed great emphasis on the environmental impact of the project. This happily fitted with OFP's strong environmental ethos.

So to minimise the environmental impact OFP Timber Framed Homes made a number of fundamental changes to our 'usual' methods of manufacture and construction.One such innovation, which would prove intrinsic to this scheme, was the setting up of a ‘remote’ factory, just over a mile from the site.

This flexible solution provided huge savings on energy and considerable cost-savings to our client, a win-win situation. OFP's experience in the manufacture of timber frame panels was supplemented by a local labour force under direct OFP supervision, a practical approach that was also excellent for building rapport with the local community.

The design element of this project was particularly challenging and diverse, large glulam beams were put into position to form the impressive structure of the main hall. Sedum roofs and Warmcel insulation all added to the environmentally responsible delivery of this project.

The expertise accrued during this project has stood us in good stead for similar projects, particularly OFP’s ability to create a remote factory, which we have used on 2 projects since, and have plans to use significantly in the future on larger projects.

We feel it is a responsibility of our organisation to not just build projects but to implement our key corporate values in the aim of achieving a sustainable future for everyone.

With this, OFP have and will continue to offer its client’s flexibility to ensure each project achieves what it sets out. We have a keen interest in working with companies on healthcare projects, building school projects and housing associations.

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